A downloadable game for Windows

When you want to rest, but the neighbors said no. 
So you battle with them with your beloved radio.
A Battle between you and your neighbors using sound waves.

*note : video gameplay still not up to date with the latest version.

How to Play

1. WASD - Move

2. Speak on Microphone to shoot bullets or choose a song to replace microphone input.

Created by 

Divya (Waktu daftar : 16 Maret 2021)

1. Finiko Kasula Novenda (Programmer)

2. Kevin Erdiza Yogatama (Programmer)

3. Kukuh Basuki Rahmat (Programmer)



1. Firmament3 by PeriTune

2. Carnival Dark by PeriTune

3. Tsumugu Kiseki by PeriTune

4. Fast Fight by Ville Nousiainen / Xythe / mutkanto

Sound Effects

1. Skill hit by pauliuw

2. Wind Hit Time Morph by qubodup


1. Glow Arrow by oglsdl

2. Mr. Necromancer Man by Dishtron

3. Music Icon by AntumDeluge

4. Transparent Bubble bu aloknalura


1. Pitch Tracker


SoundWaveBattle.zip 81 MB
SonicWaveBattle0.1.zip 40 MB
SoundWaveBattle0.2.zip 40 MB
SoundWaveBattle0.3.zip 40 MB
SoundWaveBattle0.4.zip 40 MB
SoundWaveBattle0.5.zip 40 MB

Install instructions

1. Download Sound Wave Battle.zip

2. Extract the file

3. Double click on Sound Wave Battle.exe


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why does this song always plays in the game? feels weird listening to 2 songs at once
(1 edit)

Thanks for mentioning it.
I think it would be interesting to play 2 songs at once. (Since the player want to disturb the neighbor who plays Carnival Dark).
But yeah, I think it's kinda annoying after some time.

By the way, now it's already fixed on 0.1